Transcript Requests

Official Transcripts

To obtain an official transcript of your grades, submit an online Transcript Request form.

Official SFAI transcripts list your coursework completed as an SFAI student; your full legal name; your degree/certificate program, and if applicable, your date of birth; an you SFAI ID number. Official transcripts also include a brief explanation of grades and are signed, dated, and sealed by the Registrar.

SFAI transcripts list only courses that have been graded, not courses that are still in progress. To obtain a listing of your current coursework, please print out a copy of your current Class Schedule from WebAdvisor.

Though official transcripts note how many transfer credits from another institution were accepted toward your degree/certificate, and what areas they are applied to in your SFAI program, it does not yet list the actual courses and grades from the other institutions that were transferred. Your grade point average (GPA) from transferred courses is not counted in your SFAI GPA. SFAI does not assume authority to issue official transcripts from other institutions, even those from which transferred credits were accepted. To obtain official transcripts of coursework done at other institutions, please contact the registrar’s office at those institutions.

Unofficial Transcripts

For current students or students who entered 2012 and after, to obtain an unofficial transcript of your grades, print one out from WebAdvisor by logging in to your account and clicking on “Transcript.” If you do not have a WebAdvisor account, you may not obtain an unofficial transcript and must request an official transcript instead.