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Summer 2018 Course Schedule

Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Documenting Your Work
June 5–June 26
Tuesday Alex Arzt Learn how to accurately and professionally photograph your work in a variety of settings for use in online portfolios, applications, and personal archives. This course emphasizes camera use, lighting techniques, color correction, and retouching workflows so that you can utilize this skillset successfully throughout your career in the arts. $195 Photography Register
Memory Narratives: Transdisciplinary Critique Seminar
June 5–July 3
Tuesday Izidora Leber Refine your aesthetic vision and visual literacy in this critique seminar open to all mediums of artistic practice, as we focus on the key role memory plays in the development of our work. $245 Artist-Driven Experience Register
The Inner Eye: Explorations on Identity + Artistic Expression
June 5–August 7
Tuesday Alice Gould This course addresses individuality, identity, choice, freedom and free-play. Assignments will explore art that brings the personal into public view, with projects designed to create new confidence with materials, larger formats, individual mark-making, and the use of signature. $480 Artist-Driven Experience Closed
More, More, More: Mold-Making + Slip-Casting In Ceramics
June 5–August 7
Tuesday Cathy Lu Learn how to make plaster molds and cast them in clay in this course focused on the multiple and how to make more of your sculptural practice. $480 Ceramics, Sculpture Register
Camp Video-Making
June 19–July 10
Tuesday Kate Rhoades In this short video intensive you will plan, shoot, edit, and do post-production on the wildest videos your imagination allows, while also learning the ropes of melodrama and consumer grade special effects. $195 Film Closed
Sculptural Installation
June 19–July 24
Tuesday Carrie Hott Using scale model building techniques you will make a sculptural installation to fully immerse your viewer in an art experience while learning about the history of installation to inspire and ground your work. $295 New Genres, Sculpture Closed
Painting in Time
July 3–August 7
Tuesday Tom Colcord Contemplate the 4th dimension in this painting course focused on how to convey duration, immediacy, and the element of time in your work as you complete a series of short exercises and an individual final painting. $295 Painting Register
The Mind and Body in Space
June 6–July 18
Wednesday Amy M. Ho Examine the charged physiological and psychological relationships between architecture and installation art in this course as you complete readings, participate in discussions, and create your own spatially-charged work. $295 New Genres Closed
Drawing Dynamic Still Life
June 6–July 18
Wednesday Jacob Kincheloe Drawing on still life’s history as a vehicle for symbolism, allegory, and social and political critique, we will investigate its potential as a vital contemporary genre, as we draw scenes from a range of rich tableaux of plant, animal, and manufactured materials in this studio course. $295 Drawing Register
The Magic of Painting
June 6–August 15 (no class July 4)
Wednesday Ingrid V. Wells Master the tricks of trade in this technically focused painting course as you learn about glazing, lighting, edging, and more while completing three painting projects nothing short of magical. $480 Painting Register
The Book, The Web + The Wall: Exhibition Strategies
June 6–August 15 (no class July 4)
Wednesday Ward Long Want your pictures to look great whether they’re on the wall, in a book, or on your phone? In this class we’ll survey lots contemporary presentation practices, discuss how the sensory experience of an artwork guides our thinking about that work, and give you the practical and critical tools to present your work at its best. $480 Photography Closed
Large-Scale Drawing
June 6–27
Wednesday Jordan Holms Explore scale and its impact on your imagery as you create your own monumental work. $195 Drawing Closed
Tree to Object: Simplified Woodworking for Sculpture
July 18–August 15
Wednesday Marshall Elliott Develop the skills to work with wood as a contemporary sculptural medium, focusing on the use of accessible hand tools and a range of wood types. $245 Sculpture Register
Online Zines
June 7–August 2 (no session July 12)
Thursday Diana Li Learn and experiment with HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript code to make a collective online zine with the class and one of your own in this art and tech course that will explore the basics of web design and online compilations of videos, pics, gifs and more. $385 Art & Technology Closed
Introduction to Figure Drawing
June 7–July 26
Thursday Ignacio Rojas Gain a heightened understanding of the relationships between the body’s various parts through focused observation and practice with the live model. $385 Drawing Register
Experimental Drawing: Beyond Traditional Tools
June 7–July 26
Thursday Francis Calimlim Challenge your perception of what drawing is and can be by utilizing interdisciplinary methods and non-traditional approaches to create conceptually-driven drawings. $385 Drawing Closed
Introduction to Painting
June 7–August 16 (no class June 28)
Thursday Kathy Sirico Cultivate an understanding of acrylic painting materials and techniques in this fundamental course. $480 Painting Register
The Exploded Figure
June 14–August 16
Thursday Felicita Norris Working primarily from the live model, the emphasis of this course will be to record the human form, not as a whole, but instead using intense cropping to make thoughtful compositional selections while creating narratives based on portions of the body. $480 Painting Add to Waitlist
Introduction to Silkscreen Printmaking
June 9–July 28
Saturday Savanna Snow Learn the basics of silkscreen printmaking as you create your own fine art prints, graphic posters, or promotional items. $480 Printmaking Closed
The Secret Liquid State of All Things: Abstraction in Clay
June 16–August 4
Saturday Matt Goldberg Explore artistic responses to the ceramic process in this class focused on working demonstrations, lectures of canonical and contemporary ceramic artists, collaborative exercises, and medium experimentation. $385 Ceramics, Sculpture Closed
The Vault: Open-Genre Writing Studio
June 16, 23, 30 and July 14, 21, 28 (no session July 7 due to 4th of July)
Saturday Genine Lentine Cultivate your writing through generative exercises, feedback, readings, and guided discussions in this course focused on sustaining a resilient writing practice and tapping into your receptive creative process. $60/session or $295 for all 6 Artist-Driven Experience Register
Not Your Standard Plein Air Drawing Class
June 16–July 28
Saturday Eric Martin Spend six Saturday mornings drawing en plein air in a variety of unexpected locations around the Bay Area including the Sutro Baths ruin, the Presidio Batteries, and the Mountain View Cemetery. The class will conclude with an informal exhibition at SFAI. $295 Drawing Register
The Structured Accident: Five-Day Painting Intensive
June 4-8
Monday–Friday Allison Miller The Structured Accident is a five day, eight hour per-day painting intensive intended for students with serious painting practices of their own. This course provides students the opportunity to open up their practice, push to experiment, and approach making paintings in new ways using risk-taking and chance within a rigorous conceptual structure. $750 Painting Register
Midnight Theater: Producing A Live Variety Show
August 3–5
Friday–Sunday Kenneth Thomas Learn the ins and outs of producing a multi-camera production in this interactive workshop that culminates in a live internet webcast. $195 Film Register
Photography Intensive: Idea-Generation + Image-Making
July 17–August 7
Tuesdays Daniel Melo Reinvigorate your current photographic approach with exposure to new assignments, new artists from around the world, new ideas, new approaches; each designed to get you making and thinking about photography differently. $195 Photography Register
Weekend Intensive: Print, Pattern + Textiles
August 4, 5, 11, 12
Saturday + Sunday Kaitlin Trataris Learn how to print on textiles using silkscreen printing methods while transforming your imagery into sculptural forms. $295 Printmaking Register
Personal Mythology in Painting: Weekend Painting Workshop
August 3–5
Friday–Sunday Soraya Sharghi Discover, shape, and express your personal mythology as you complete three projects in this themed painting course. $295 Painting Register